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Festivals and activities

Throughout the year, Cadaqués holds a great deal of festivities and activities. Some of them are really special such as the sunrise gathering which takes place on January 1st.

The meeting point is Cap de Creus lighthouse, where people from all over the world meet. It is located at the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula.

At 7.00am everybody gets ready to see the sunrise. The event includes sardanes dancing (a traditional dance) and hot chocolate.

Saint Sebastian festival day is held on January 20th, and all the villagers gather at Sant Sebastià Hermitage, which is perched high up on the mountainside on Pení Mountain. It takes about two hours to get to the hermitage. Mass is held in honour of the saint. Then people dance sardanes, "patacades" and have lunch. The house is privately owned and it is only open once a year.

For centuries, local villagers walked up to the hermitage, come rain or come shine. So it is a very traditional festival which has passed from generation to generation.
Carnival is held in February and it includes a fancy dress and float parade.

Unlike other coastal towns and villages, Cadaqués is very familiar as a lot of inhabitants take an active part in the different events held in the town.

In April the cultural week is held offering a wide variety of cultural activities for all ages such as the literary prizes, which promote the local lingo as participants write in the local dialect. All the events are held within April 23rd week, coinciding with Saint George’s day.

In May there is a day as a tribute to the old people of the town. Early in June, the indianos fair “An American in Cadaqués” is held. The festival pays tribute to all the villagers who sailed to America. Besides, there is an art fair for art lovers every Saturday in the summer months.

The procession of boats and Verge del Carme, a Madonna, is another important event held on July 16th. During this festival, regattas and lateen sailing competitions are organized.

The Cadaqués International Music Festival is held in August offering a wide range of concerts. It is a very innovative and successful festival displaying a wide mix of all types of music.

For further information and ticket sales consult the festival’s web:

There is also a season of Catalan organ concerts which takes place in the ideal setting of Santa Maria de Cadaqués church, and the impressive lateen sailing gathering is held at the end of the month.

The summer local festival is held on the 11th September week, which coincides with the Catalan National Day. It includes the “dolls” race (a “doll” is a typical local jug with a spout and 3 handles, usually varnished in green, and used to keep olive oil and olives, traditionally carried on the head), Habaneras (popular songs brought back from Cuba), a catboat rowing regatta,the Marnatón, sea crossing between Cap de Creus and the Bay of Cadaqués ( among other activities. Finally, the town’s winter festival is held on December 18 and it is consecrated to Santa Esperança, patron saint of Cadaqués.