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The Centre of Studies Cadaquesencs (CEESCA) is an organisation created to protect and develop the cultural heritage, which includes the history, culture, art and nature of Cadaqués; and also its surroundings, to preserve the local dialect, one of the most important values in the village.

The main objectives are:

- To promote the restoration and preservation of the whole heritage and also to register, make an inventory and catalog whatever is considered heritage.

- To preserve the local dialect involving teachers, pupils and adults and also keeping the name of the objects, instruments and others things how our ancestors called.

- To promote to the village to make easy access of knowledge and technologies of communication.

- To collaborate and sign agreements with others centres of studies, people, public and private institutions of     Cadaqués or from other places.

- To create civic commissions and workshops to study, to protect and promote its objectives.

- To organize and promote the formation of workshops, conferences and seminars, forums, exhibitions, excursions and routes to promote knowledge and communication.

- To offer prizes, grants and different kinds of help.

- To write and publish books and also create video-reports to help and spread the activities of the centre.

- To create whatever activity is possible to promote the centre.