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By road

Exit motorway AP-7 at junction 4 (Figueres- Roses) or at junction 3 (from France), take the C-260 and head for Roses Before you get to Roses, follow directions to Cadaqués and take the GI-614 road to Cadaqués. It will take approximately 50 minutes.

Another option is to leave from the AP-7 at junction 4 (Figueres- Roses) or at junction 3 (from France) direction Llançà and Port de la Selva, following the N-260 to Port de la Selva. At the entrance of the last town, follow the signs to the local road GI-613 which leads to Cadaques. The distance between the town of Port de la Selva and Cadaqués is 13 km, approximately 20 minutes.

Between Cadaqués and Roses for Jòncols's zone it is possible to practise the track by foot or cycling. The traffic of vehicles is not allowed.



By air

The nearest airports are Girona (1 hour approx) and Barcelona (2.5 hours approx.). From Girona airport, there are two coach companies Barcelona Bus (operated by Sagalés) and Sarfa Bus (operated by Sarbus) Coaches run from 4.30am till 0.30am and they take you to Girona bus and train station. Once there, you can either take a coach to Cadaqués (this service is available from Mondays to Fridays) or by train to Figueres.

By train

Trains run regularly from Barcelona and Girona to Figueres every day (medium-distance train and high-speed train). You can get a taxi from Figueres or the bus (Sarfa). For further information consult the web or telephone (00+34) 902 24 02 02

By Bus

Once in Figueres the traveler can take a bus to Cadaqués, simply cross the station square, a few meters of which, is the bus station, where you can buy in the company Sarfa, the tickets for travel to Cadaqués.

Generally, there are three buses a day while during the summer hours are extended being the most common combinations.

The bus trip from Figueres to Cadaqués take approximately one hour. Information:tel. (00+34) 902 302 025 or 972 258713 (Cadaqués Office)

The bus trip from Barcelona to Cadaqués (from "Nord" Bus Station) take approximately three hours. Information:tel. (00+34) 902 302 025.

By Sea

In case you sail to Cadaqués with your own ship, you will find a large number of buoys to moor your ship.

The cost of the berth depends on the time and the length of the ship.
Those who wish to moor for a maximum of a month, will have to contact the following companies, each one administers a different area.

For more information contact to Serveis Marítims de Cadaqués. Opening times: from Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 2.00p.m.

Tel.:(00+34)972 258 200 (Lourdes). E-mail:

Geographical distances

Distances in kilometres from Cadaqués to:

Town - Distance
Roses - 18 Km
Figueres - 33Km
Púbol - 84 Km
Girona - 72 Km
Perpignan - 94 Km
Barcelona - 177 Km
Andorra - 442 Km
Tarragona - 267 Km
Lleida - 325 Km
Madrid - 769 Km
Paris - 939 Km